Professional Development

Professional Development

Training is organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups; it is focused on changing knowledge, behaviours, skills and attitudes.

Here are examples of workshop topics that clients have received.

Supporting the Landscape of Life and Work

Training and Professional Development




Ladership Training  and WorkshopsThis program is based on the Leadership Challenge book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner and teaches five practices that lead to extraordinary leadership.
Coaching Skills for Leaders (Training Program)This training program for leaders focuses on foundational coaching skills and practice.
Facilitation Skills for Meeting Leaders (Workshop)This workshop is designed for meeting leaders who frequently lead group meetings and want to enhance participation through facilitation techniques.
Team Building using the MBTIThis session helps individuals understand themselves and others through the Myers-Briggs Typology assessment survey and team workshop.
Building CollaborationParticipants use a survey to understand their strengths; the workshop identifies how to leverage them for stronger communication, collaboration and conflict resolution.
Career Anchors and other life planning tools.Create a plan for your work, career or retirement; understand your anchors.