I have worked with Kay for a number of years and have benefitted tremendously from her many hours of expert coaching. Each session begins with a “What would you like to discuss today?” and concludes leaving me with a clear view of my business issues and a plan to move forward. Kay’s extensive senior management experience -- including in the area of organization effectiveness -- gives her deep insight into human relationships and organizational dynamics. Her coaching sessions are empowering and impactful. Kay has coached me successfully through a number of tricky business challenges, but it was her expert guidance through a particularly difficult team reorganization that demonstrated for me that she is in a class all her own.”

Fred G

Business Leader, Large Global Company

The coaching sessions that I attended with Kay were extremely helpful in coming up with solutions and plans to approach complex leadership situations. I also found Kay's advice helpful in finding ways to turn around and coach my own employees. In my opinion the best thing about Kay's approach is her ability to ask all of the right questions, in order to lead you to the answers and/or allow you to build a creative solution.

Additionally, in the end Kay will give further input and advice around how to handle particular situations etc... and is a fantastic resource with extensive experience in dealing with people.

Lastly, I would say that Kay is very friendly and personable and provides a certain level of comfortability in her sessions. Let's face it, we deal with a lot of stress in our work lives and Kay acts as a great sounding board and in addition gives sound advice to deal with those stressful situations

Tim K.

Senior Manager, Technology

I first started working with Kay to analyze my 360 Assessment. Based on those discussions, we began identifying areas that needed improvement. The changes I made the first few months of meeting with Kay made it possible for me to receive a promotion I had been working toward for a long time. Without her help, my promotion would have been delayed by a year or more.

The coaching experience is very unique. Kay asks questions that allow me understand my reactions to certain situations. Based on my answers, she helps me identify better ways to handle my responses. The sessions aren’t easy; it’s difficult to look inward and find an explanation for why certain things bother me, but it is always worth the effort. I have seen many benefits in my professional and personal life.

Amy H.

Manager, Technology