Organization Effectiveness is a planned effort intended to increase a unit or organization’s effectiveness and business success.   

Here a few examples of what clients have wanted and received.  

Supporting the Landscape of Life and Work

Organization Effectiveness

Team Building (enhancing the effectiveness of work teams, project teams, focus groups – permanent or temporary teams)

Diagnostic or fact finding activities (determining the “current state” through surveys, interviews, focus groups or other methods).

Cross-functional group interventions (helping operations work more effectively among or between operating groups).

Organizational Design (configuring new organizational structures or other structural changes; these may include but are not limited to roles, processes, performance management and reward systems, leadership and people practices, and organizational capabilities).

Process or quality improvement (ways to improve human and other processes within a department or across an organization).

Conflict resolution (neutral third party support to work through issues and resolve interpersonal issues or differences of opinion; this may include goal, role or process conflicts).

Planning and goal-setting (helping groups to plan strategy, identify and work towards goals or devise operational action plans).

Problem-solving (helping a team or unit overcome obstacles to goal achievement; sometimes problem-solving models or other tools are used to structure the process).

Strategic Planning (helping policy makers or leaders engage in longer and shorter term planning to achieve an organizational mission, vision or broader outcomes).

Change Management (helping a department or organization manage small or large scale transitions).

Culture Change (helping an organization examine its current culture and make changes to support strategy and alignment with a desired organizational climate and culture; often a culture is shaped to build employee en